Destin Makuyana

Swift Developer for iOS/iPad/tvOS and Apple Watch

I specialise in designing, prototyping, architecting and deploying great Apps to the iOS Appstore. Currently have over 6 Swift/ Objective-C apps published. Able to build Android and Cross platform HTML5 apps in Cordova/Ionic framework too!

E-Tips iOS App - Shift Manager for NHS Bank staff.

Lead iOS Developer / UX Designer.

  • E-Tips enables NHS/ Agency bank staff to view and book upcoming shifts, view location and distance of shifts and manage timesheets.
  • Designed, prototyped and architectured native iOS / Android Apps based on client needs.
  • Worked Independently from concept (Sketch 3) to full working product (Swift/ Xcode) on iOS while pair programming Android version (Android Studio).
  • Collaborated with back-end team for REST APIs (JSON/JWT).
  • App authenticates users natively with Touch ID.
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Addison Lee - Leading London Taxi Booking App for iOS.

In-house iOS Developer.

  • Produced taxi booking Swift iOS/ Apple Watch app collaboratively with an external agency.
  • Built Xcode prototypes based on Design specs/ feedback from management.
  • Deployed prototypes to iTunes Connect / Testflight for testing.
  • Extensively used Mapkit, Core Location to track and display vehicle location.
  • Built-in support for Push notification (APNS).
  • App supports REST APIs in JSON/JSONP.
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Yeyo - Music sharing platform for iOS.

Lead iOS Developer / Software Developer.

  • Yeyo allows user to create 15 second videos of themselves singing their favourite song and share with followers.
  • Worked inhouse with a remote team of Rails developers to deliver native iOS App with REST back-end.
  • Applied knowledge of Bridging headers to add Swift to existing Objective-C source code.
  • Extensive use of AVFoundation, Media Player and UIImagePickerControl to record user videos.
  • Used GCD, Async tasks to upload user videos with JSON API securely.
  • Built In-App purchases to enable users to unlock video filters and music.
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Eurostar Entertainment for iOS

Lead iOS Developer

  • Developed Static libraries, Objective-C frameworks for Capmedia that enable streaming of DRM enabled videos in Eurostar and Virgin Train Apps.
  • Eurostar / Virgin trains able to provide offline entertainment to passengers via purchasing license of our custom frameworks and incorporating functionality in their Native apps.
  • All libraries supported Native iOS Apps and Cordova Phone gap apps.
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Newslytics - Analytics tool for News publishers.

Founder / Lead Developer / UX Designer

  • Newlytics is a bootstrapped, 1 team member iOS App built on passion and coffee.
  • Newslytics provides headlines and news summaries from 66 publishers such as BBC, CNN, BusinessInsider, BuzzFeed etc.
  • Newslytics tracks user reading habits to find patterns that are useful to publishers.
  • MVP Available in Appstore
  • Newslytics will support iPhone/ Apple Watch / iPad and tvOS and iOS9 APIs such as Force Touch and Interactive Notifications.
  • Newslytics is also great for live testing new Cocoa APIs and third party frameworks such Mixpanel Analytics, Advertising, Flurry before they are used in client Apps.
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Tilt the Box - iOS Spritekit game.

Founder, Developer, UX Designer

  • Tilt the Box is an Acceleromenter driven spritekit game built for iOS.
  • Has been featured in Top 20 Apps in over 30 countries.
  • Features include third party Ads, In-App purchases and Game Center.
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